Welcome to 74th IIW on-line Assembly and International Conference!

Having considered the uncertainties associated with continued and varied travel restrictions, and the economic effects caused by the pandemic, it has been decided that also the 74th Annual Assembly will be held online. With this event, the IIW is coming back to its traditions, with a program enriched to include more content, such as the International Conference, the opening & award ceremonies, as well as a closing event.


Also in the 2021 edition, it is our goal that the virtual Assembly meets the needs of the IIW Community: presentations, discussions, development of documents and best practices, general interaction and sharing. Also in the 2021 edition, it is our goal that the virtual Assembly meets the needs of the IIW Community: presentations, discussions, development of documents and best practices, general interaction and sharing.
The Event will be hosted on an interactive and responsive web-based platform which can operate on any device and allows to implement the IIW Online Annual Assembly with various participation modalities.
All the functionalities of a traditional meeting will be covered and even extended, including panel discussions, voting, Q&A etc. The meeting technology has been updated for more interaction during sessions and amongst participants, to let attendees better enjoy our joining atmosphere. 

To join the 74th Annual Assembly you just need to register on-line and, in accordance with the profile chosen or assigned, you will be able to explore the program, select the Commission you would like to join, explore the virtual exhibition areas or simply stay up to date with worldwide professionals in the field of welding and joining.

The 74th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference will be held on 7 to 21 July 2021 as follows: 

  • 7 July: IIW General Assembly and Opening & Awards ceremony
  • 8 July: IIW International Conference
  • 9 July: Preliminary and administrative meetings
  • 12-17 July: Meetings of IIW Technical Working Units (Commissions and Study Groups) and IAB
  • 16 July: Closing Ceremony
  • 19-21 July: Meetings of Administrative Units

The IIW is also considering tools to allow social events with free interaction amongst participants.
More details will come soon.


July 8, 13.00 – 17.00 CEST

The event includes the International Conference on “Artificial Intelligence to innovate Welding and Joining“.
The 4 hours of the conference will include a keynote speech, a full set of presentation on driving aspect of the theme, and a panel discussion to allow interaction with the audience and a free exchange of views amongst the experts and presenters.

Please download the programme >


Please click here to download the final schedule of the IIW 74th Online Annual Assembly and International Conference



As soon as possible you will find here the General Guidelines for Speaker, Chair and Attendees.


Please see below the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the IIW 2021 Online Annual Assembly.


What is the Young Professional discounted registration?
The IIW has a specific policy to encourage Young Professionals to become young leaders in Welding.
Young Professionals are identified as those individuals starting their career in welding. The requirements are to be  under 35 and with limited experience in welding. 

What is the difference between the full package for Young Professionals and for other participants?
The only difference is the discounted price of registration.
In addition, special events may be organised for Young Professionals only.


Will all the reports and presentations be available on the IIW SharePoint web site after the Assembly?
This on-line Annual Assembly follows the same rules as the face-to-face assemblies.
All materials for the meetings will be managed as always through the IIW Community website on SharePoint.
In addition, a recording of the sessions will be available on the IIW Annual Assembly site after the sessions are ended.

Do we get in advance the various presentations listed under each commission, after we complete the Registration procedure?
This on-line IIW Annual Assembly follows the same rules as the face-to-face Assemblies. Presentation are uploaded on the page of each IIW commission in the IIW Community website on SharePoint.

Could you please advise if the sessions will be recorded?
Sessions will be recorded and made available on demand to full registrants. This will be very useful in cases of concurrent sessions.



Commissions meetings, with active participation and vote will be held from 1:00 to 4:00 pm CEST in order to allow all parties from all around the world to be able to join the event. Other events, the sponsor’s area and the welded art exhibition, will be available during the whole IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference on-line.


People from around the world are invited to send in photographs of their welded art to be selected for display and we are pleased to say that many artists will be featured at this exhibition.


A growing number of fraudulent websites and companies, pretending to be the IIW or partners of the IIW, are offering registrations and other services for the upcoming IIW 74th Annual Assembly.
These are not third-party providers to the IIW, they are not linked to the IIW in any way and they claim to have data which have not been provided by the IIW nor by any of our partners.
If you are contacted by any such agency or have any questions regarding their legitimacy please contact iiw2021@aristea.com
https://iiw2021.com is the only official IIW Congress website
The IIW does not accept any responsibility for bookings made via unofficial websites/agencies or any money lost as a result.

In the table you can see the registration fees.

For Indian Participants Only: to register please send an email to registrations@iiw2021.com due to fiscal reasons

Full package

  • Social program (includes Opening Ceremony)
  • General Assembly (1)
  • International Conference
  • Any Commission meeting
  • Recording of the Commissions
  • IAB meetings
440 €
VAT included
Full package
(Young Professionals – Up to 35 years old)

  • Social program (includes Opening Ceremony and Ice breaking event)
  • General Assembly
  • International Conference
  • Any Commission meeting
  • Recording of the commissions
  • IAB meetings
350 €
VAT included
One unit / meeting
Now available

  • Admission limited to 1 session in one day amongst any Commission meeting
70 €
VAT included
International Conference only

  • Opening Ceremony
90 €
VAT included
Corporate rate 5 * 5 accesses, for full package 1,516 €
VAT excluded
Corporate rate 10 * 10 accesses, for full package 2,625 €
VAT excluded

(1) Only for Delegates designated by their responsible Member Society
* Corporate registrations have to be finalized directly with the Secretariat. For any information please contact registrations@iiw2021.com


Kiswel supports the IIW 2021 Online Assembly and International Conference as Gold Sponsor

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